Become a master in woodworking, come make an incision! We continuously expand our offer of machines and jogs that facilitate and accelerate woordworking operations for you: you are bound to choose here! More

We love the scent of wood! Isn’t it beautiful, turning a block of wood into a fruit bowl with your own hands and the lathe? Or making a spice shelf for your dear better half out of a rough plank using a planing machine? I’m sure you can think of a great many more ideas, or maybe these jobs are your daily bread and uni-max is here to help you make your work flow smoothly; here’s the category for wood formatting and shaping machines, dozens of types of clamps for securely fastening your stock, countless tools for forcing the right shape on your workpiece, and last but not least, jigs to help you joint parts together correctly to form a whole. Make your choice, and enjoy your work!

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