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Thermal jointing - commonly referred to as welding - is a frequently used method for jointing two or more pieces of material. More

Just as there are many types of welding, there are many types of welding machines. In  this section, you can choose from  many types of welding machines for different materials and different welding methods.

MIG 190 Kombi welderA well-known and recently very popular method of welding metals is welding in  a protective atmosphere (MIG/MAG). The protective atmosphere around the weld is made by inert gases or, conversely, gases that react with the welding bath and influence the weld parameters. This welding method permits welding in any position, including against the ground. Thanks to the protective atmosphere, the welding arc is easier to ignite and stable. Our welding machines for the MIG/MAG method can weld using a solid or hollow wire containing an additional fluxing agent.

GIS 200 Inverter Welding MachineFor welding without a protective atmosphere , our offer includes high-quality welding inverters, which have an advantage over ordinary transformer welding machines in that they can constantly control the welding current. It is thus stable under any circumstances and its minimal changes do not affect the welding quality. Besides, the significantly lighter weight of the inverter compared to the transformer welding machine is a plus. Inverters also have a feature for easier ignition of cold electrodes.

LIGHT Controllable Plastic FuserWe have a plastic fusion section for plastic welding and cutting. It contains both a heavy-duty controllable fusing machine and accessories in the form of welding clips. We also have a so-called hot knife for easy and accurate plastic cutting.

Rectangular Clamp 60/36Among other things, the welding equipment section includes a nice set for conventional oxy-fuel welding, and you can choose from a range of different clamps and angle irons for correct positioning of materials being welded. You can choose an auto darkening mask, which gives good protection for the welder's eyes while leaving both hands free for the work. If you are looking for spot welding, you can buy a multipurpose spot welding machine from us.

MULTI8 Electronic Spot Welder UNI-MAX 4U Welding and Cutting Set HELMUT Self-darkening Welder's Helmet 85 mm Magnetic Square

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