A frequently used method for joining two or more pieces of material together is fusion, commonly known as welding. More

There are just as many types of welding machines as there are possible ways of welding. Here you can choose from many types of welding machines for working with various materials and various types of welding methods.

Svářečka MIG 190 KombiA well-known and what has lately become a very popular metal welding method is welding in a protective atmosphere (MIG/MAG). The protective atmosphere around the weld joint is created by inert gases or gases which react with the weld pool and affect the parameters of the joint. This welding method allows welding in any position, i.e. even against the ground. The protective atmosphere makes the welding arc more easily ignitable and more stable. Welding machines for the MIG/MAG method in our assortment can weld with a full or flux-core wire.

Invertorová svářečka GIS 200For unshielded welding, our assortment includes inverter welders which differ from common transformer welders by offering the user constant control over the welding current. The current is stable under all circumstances, and minimal changes do not affect the quality of the weld. Inverter welders also boast a much lower weight compared to transformer welders. The inverters are also equipped with a function for easier ignition of a cold electrode.

Spojovačka plastů s regulací LIGHTFor the purposes of welding and cutting plastics, we also created a section for plastic welding. Here you can find both powerful and adjustable welders as well as accessories in the form of welding staples. We also offer hot knives for easily and precisely cutting plastic.

Pravoúhlá svěrka 60/36Our welding accessories include, among others, a nice set for classic flame welding, and an assortment of various staples and squares to ensure the welded material is positioned correctly. You can choose an auto-darkening welding mask to protect the eyes of the welder while keeping both hands free for work. For those interested in spot welding, we also offer a multi-purpose spot welder.

Elektronická bodovačka MULTI8 Svářecí a řezací souprava UNI-MAX 4U Samostmívací svářečská kukla HELMUT Magnetický úhelník 85 mm

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