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Repair Services and Prices

The manufacturer strives for the maximum quality of the product, the dealer for the quality of their services - and the user takes due professional care of the used product. Despite the efforts of all parties involved, a defect may occur.

Then our service department steps in to do their work as well as all those mentioned above to get everything how it should be as quickly as possible. As soon as our service department accepts a product for repair, they work hard on the repair and usually do not use up the standard 30-day period.
However, during the warranty period, some products may only be repaired by a specialized service centre whose address is included in the warranty certificate - if you decide to order repair through our company (which we will be happy to do for you), please remember we cannot do more than deliver the product to that service centre and have no capacity to make them work faster. Moreover, the transport from us to the service centre and back is added to the total transport time - so in urgent cases, it is often better to contact the service centre directly.

Defects are unpleasant - and we often see our customers require non-standard solutions in practice.
Here is a brief listing of situations, services and rules with which we try to relieve the customers in their critical situation:

  1. Transport of defective goods to the repair shop (under and outside warranty, in terms of organization and finances) is the customer''''''''s responsibility according to the GTB.* But we understand the customer may not have the time or be willing to deal with such issues. We are prepared to take the goods to the service centre and back willingly, quickly and safely with our own means - relieving the customer of any worries and responsibility.
    The price of this service is listed in the Freight Tariff* (each outward and inward journey is charged for)
  2. In spite of the customer''''''''s care, the product may suffer damage that is not covered by the warranty(mechanical damage, wear and tear, etc.) during and after the warranty period. That''''''''s no problem - our service team will repair the defect as quickly as possible - and if repair is not cost-effective, they will offer an alternative solution.
    In this case, the customer pays the price of necessary parts and the mechanics hourly rate.*
  3. Murphy''''''''s law says that if something can go wrong, it will - and that usually happens at the most inopportune time (a job to be finished, or the peak of your season). Of course, we try to handle all repairs as quickly as possible - but sometimes just a few days needed for the repair may seem a very long time for the customer. In this case, we can make express repairs (while-you-wait, on Friday afternoon, etc.)
    In this case, the customer pays the price of necessary parts and the mechanics hourly rate* - increased by 40%. (if the customer wishes express processing for repair under warranty, we do not charge for the cost of necessary parts and the mechanic''''''''s work - we only charge the express surcharge)
  4. Sometimes a customer contacts us with a defect that turns out not to be a defect at all in the end. How come? - The equipment may not work just because there is a blown fuse that the customer can replace on their own following the manual - or there was no time to read the instructions for use (or assembly) and the machine works differently from what the customer expects, which may seem to be a defect. We will be happy to take care of such issues, check the machine and possibly advise the customer what to do to accomplish their objectives easily.
    In this case, the customer pays the mechanic''''''''s

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