Tyre Shop Equipment

The tyre is one of the most important components of a car, and its condition affects the overall quality and safety of driving. It is not without reason that tyres are called black gold in motorsports, because tyres can win or lose the race. More

533 AUTOMATIC Tyre ChangerThus, tyres must never be ignored, which is why our shop dedicates large room to companies that take care of the condition of car tyres.

One cannot imagine a tyre shop operation without tyre changers and balancers. We offer tyre changers in  semiautomatic or fully automatic versions. They are all robust machines that ensure trouble-free operation. The  better equipped options include a wheel lifter, which helps the mechanic lift the wheel on the tyre changer turntable, or a roller for work with  narrow-profile tyres with  a hard shoulder, which would otherwise be very difficult if not impossible to mount on the wheel rim.

Before mounting on the car, each wheel needs correct balancing, for  which our wheel balancers are designed. They are modern and highly accurate machines, which use precision piezo electric sensors or even laser beams for  the measurements. The range of wheel sizes that can be balanced on the machines is also very wide. All our automatic balancers are equipped with neat displays, offering fast reading under any lighting conditions.

To be able to get a wheel on the tyre changer and the balancer, you first need to remove it from  the car and then attach it again after the servicing. In  a tyre shop, these removal and installation jobs are tightly related to  impact wrenches. At  uni-max, we have a wide offer of impact wrenches with  both pneumatic and electric actuation and maximum torques from 310 Nm to 2400 Nm. We have a choice of impact wrenches for both professional tyre shops that will work every day from the start of the shift to the end, and the home garage, where you want to change your wheels yourself and wish to make the removal and installation faster and easier.

For your tyres to give good and long performance, they need some attention during the season as well, with periodic air pressure and tread depth checks. For this purpose we have a section too, containing a range of digital pressure gauges and a digital thread depth meter.

Additional  tyre shop equipment in our  offer includes centring devices for balancing motorcycle wheels, devices for  tyre repair and various accessories.


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