The tyre is one of the most important parts of a vehicle and its condition determines the overall quality and safety of your ride. Tyres are not called "black gold" in motorsport for nothing; the tyre can determine whether the whole race is won or lost. More

Zouvačka 533 AUTOMATICTyres are therefore not to be overlooked which is why we dedicate a large amount of space in our store to companies focused on taking care of this vital part of a vehicle.

It is hard to imagine running a tyre repair shop without a tyre changer or wheel balancer. We offer tyre changers in semi-automatic or fully automatic design. The machines are always sturdy to ensure problem-free use. More advanced variants also include a wheel lift to enable placing the wheel onto the rotary table of the tyre changer, or roller for working with narrow profile tyres with hard beading which would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to install onto the rim.


Before installing whells onto the vehicle, each one must also be properly balanced, which is what our wheel balancers are here for. These are modern and very accurate machines which use precise piezoelectric sensors or even lasers for measuring. In addition, they can be used to balance a wide range of wheel sizes. All automatic balancers are equipped with a user-friendly display which allows you to quickly read all the necessary information in any lighting conditions.

In order to place the wheel onto the tyre changer or balancer, it is first necessary to remove the wheel from the car, and then to replace it again after the service work is done. Such work is thus inseparably linked with impact wrenches. Uni-max offers a wide spectrum of wrenches with pneumatic or electric drives and maximum torques from 310 Nm to 2,400 Nm. Our goods can fit the needs of both tyre repair shops that need a professional wrench which will be used from daybreak to sunset or garage owners who change their tyres at home and want to speed up and simplify the process of removing and installing the wheels.

In order for your tyres to serve you long and well, they require your attention even during the season and need their air pressure and thread depth regularly checked. For these and other purposes, our store includes a section with many digital pressure gauges or digital thread depth meters.

Other equipment for tyre repair shops from our assortment includes centring tools for balancing motorcycle wheels, tools for repairing tyres and various accessories.

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