A perfect surface of a product can only be achieved by following a correct procedure. One of the phases during such a procedure is often grinding or polishing. This category contains machines, materials and agents for grinding, polishing and sharpening tools. More

You can drill accurately only with a properly sharpened drill bit, achieve a perfectly smooth surface of a planed down prism only with a sharp blade, and if you want to cut material, you can only make a quick and clean cut with a sharp saw. You can take good care of the sharpness of your tools with tool sharpeners found in this category. You probably know all this all too well and are simply looking for an angle grinder, vibration grinder, belt sander or disc grinder. Then you have come to the right place!
You can also find abrasives here, whether you simply want to smoothen or efficiently remove material. Come on in, you are welcome here!

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