S150 mm electric drain cleaner


Mobility and easy handling.

Part no.: EPC02150
In Stock 2–5
Part no.: EPC02150
In Stock 2–5
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Product description

Compact machine for cleaning pipes and drains. Includes flexible rods ø 8 mm – length 5 m, ø 16 mm – length 15 m, ø 22 mm – length 15m and end tips of various shapes. Rod with ø 8 and length of 5 m for small pipe diameters of 20 – 75 mm or complex installations and air traps; 15mm diameter for simple installations with large bending radii. A ø 16 mm split spiral rod for ø 32 – 125 mm pipes and a ø 22 mm rod for ø 50 – 150 mm pipes. The ø 16 mm and ø 22 mm rods are extendable by sections, each of the same diameter, up to 30 m long (the ø 16 mm and ø 22 mm rods cannot be linked together; additional rods of the required diameter from our offer have to be purchased to achieve the 30 m length). Speed 400 rpm, voltage 230 V/50 Hz, power input 400 W.


Weight:45 kg

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