A router is a very versatile machine tool, which a skilful artisan may use to replace almost any other woodworking tool. More

A router is primarily designed for  working edges and surfaces of mostly wooden materials. Thus, its most common use will be cutting of edges in plain round shapes or elaborately ornate ones. When milling surfaces, you can produce functional grooves  in the stock (e.g., for insertion of another structural component or for mechanical travel) or just decorative recesses.

Using cutters equipped with  duplicating bearings or duplicating rings, the router can easily  make duplicates following a prepared template.

With a special accessory, almost any router can be used  for cutting round or elliptical shapes.

Another priceless accessory is a router table, which enables attaching the router upside down and using it as a spindle moulder. You can thus achieve higher milling accuracy and, particularly when using large shanked tools, the use of a table is a much safer working method.

Which brings us  to accessories that craftsmen purchase for  their routers, because it is specialised. An example is a dovetail template, which will help you to make accurate dovetail joints easily and quickly using  your router. Thus, making a drawer is literally a matter of minutes.
Cabinet makers doing fitted kitchens will be familiar with  the special template for the router used for cutting accurate and neat worktop joints at  various angles (45°, 90°, 180°, etc.).

A special chapter is craftsmen who are so enchanted by the router that they combine it with a lathe or a servo motor and a guide track system so that the router movements can be controlled by a computer, and the router is then used for  CNC tooling.

There is an extensive and very useful article on choosing and using routers and everything that goes with it, which we recommend you to read. The article can be found here.

We recommend you to choose from  our offer of routers, but also warn you because its use is highly addictive. See for yourself in  the enclosed videos.


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