Profi Line 730

Part no.: pl730
In Stock 6 and more
Part no.: pl730
In Stock 6 and more
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Product description

· The jig is designed for joining post-forming boards at an angle of 90° as well as 45° – with optional angle adjustment to wall inclination in both cases. · Jig size allows joining boards with a width of up to 730 mm, which is more than enough for common practice. · Integrated master plates for holes for metal clamping elements including appropriate position stops. · Allows cutting corners round with an R70 radius (with onset) or straight corner bevelling according to the scale on the rule. · Special stop for most frequently used 60 cm boards also included. · We enclose illustrations with instructions complete with practical advice with which you can easily understand all jig functions and start working at once. · Jig made of transparent plastic – you can details that competitive jigs cover. · The system of unified stops is so clever that you will not need complicated instructions to find out which of the adjacent holes you should place the stop into. · Stop holes have a different diameter and are identified with icons right on the jig – errors caused by the wrong hole are excluded. · The board includes longitudinal and angle rules to make your work faster and more accurate – just apply the master plate and everything is clear. · We have no reason to lie to you – an 800 W router is enough for cutting kitchen unit joints (we have tested that) – if you do not have a more powerful model, you do not have to spend more money...


The template is calculated for copying ring Ø 30 mm, grooving cutter Ø 12 mm – use of other dimensions would decrease accuracy of alignment of joints.


Weight:3,6 kg

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