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Harder grains have the upper hand over soft ones, at least until they wear out. In this category, choose your equipment for jet blasting, sandblasting, abrasive cleaning. The following pages offer sandblasting boxes, dust-free units, sandblasting guns as well as consumables... just choose. More

Do you know what happens if you blow a few grains of sand onto an old rusty hub out of a tube? A bit of the corrosion drops at the least. To make a bit more professional impression, let us call the sand an abrasive and call the air in the tube a sandblaster, only the corroded hub stays your old rusty vintage car hub. What does that make? If you have a source of compressed air, which drives a sufficient quantity of dry air at a high speed to a place where it catches an adequate quantity of sharp grains, you are able to remove rust from old irreplaceable products, clean moulds (for injecting plastic components, for example), or... What did you say? Clean old stone stairs? Remove undesirable graffiti art? Produce an inscription on a tombstone? Turn a metal plate into a doorplate for your customer’s business location? Or do you like making unconventional gifts, such as a message for your grandfather engraved in a ceramic beer mug? Did you know you could even sand wood? Why? ... because a new plank will look older, which is quite the desire today, but where do you get the philanthropist who’s been keeping material in store for you for ages to give to you now, right?

Welcome to the world of abrasive tooling, blasting, or sanding, if you wish:  

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