The duralumin cutting template is borne on a solid post, making for a high precision of the jig. The legs are stable, adjusted to cramp fastening. Strained threaded parts in the duralumin body are lined with a steel bushing. Depth setting is via micro-motion independent of the template height setting.

Part no.: pc400
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Part no.: pc400
Out of stock
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Product description

Jig for cutting dovetail joints up to 400 mm wide. Template raster 20 mm, which allows cutting joints in boards of normal widths, i.e., multiples of 10 or 20 mm. (If the raster was designed at, e.g., 21.3 mm, it would make optimum joints of widths such as 21.3, 42.6, 63.9, 85.2, 106.5, 127.8, 149.1 – which are not your typical dimensions). The raster is calculated for the dovetail cutter Ø 12.7 mm. The tool is guided using a special copy ring Ø 12.7 mm, but cutting is also possible without the ring - using a tool with a guide bearing Ø 1/2".


Both joined parts are cut simultaneously – in one run. Suitable for boards up to 30 mm thick. Recommended accessories: Copy ring Ø 12.7 mm (code k127) Dovetail cutter Ø 12.7 mm (code 051273)


Weight:4,74 kg

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