Is shopping with uni-max safe?

Do not be afraid of shopping with uni-max!

Its safe progress is guaranteed by APEK, an organisation that makes annual verifications of adherence to all rights and obligations towards customers and checks whether the contents of our web site is in accordance with legislation. Besides, it also tests shopping quality.

APEK Certified Shop is a trust brand awarded by the organisation since 1999.

As every year, we have also met all the requirements this year, and we are proud of our APEK Certificate, guaranteeing safe shopping.

When will I get my products?

We work hard for you to be able to enjoy your products as soon as possible. The normal delivery period is 2 business days domestically and 3-5 business days when dispatching abroad.

We monitor our stock carefully, evaluate it and adjust it so that everything is constantly available. In spite of that, our contractors may sometimes fail to deliver goods to our warehouse in sufficient quantity and in the required time.

However, our system is set up to inform you about current product availability or the expected delivery time when registering your order. The information is available for each of the products.

What are the shipping options?

You can pick up your products in person, or we will deliver it.

We will also advise you on available shipping/pickup methods automatically, depending on shipment weight and dimensions. We recommend that you have your products delivered, especially if you live far away – considering the ever denser traffic, you will save time and money.

In the case of collecting the goods in person, please consider the size and capacity of your means of transport.

You can use the services of multiple carriers for product delivery. These are the Czech Post, PPL and Multimex.

The Czech Post delivers goods up to a weight of 30 kg; PPL offers its services at the same price, yet with a weight limit at 50 kg. Both companies require packing the product in a single parcel of standardised dimensions (the sum of three of its sides must not exceed 200 cm). If your order contains nonstandard products in terms of volume or irregular shape, we recommend using the services of Multimex.

How to pay for my products safely?

We offer several options for paying for your products safely.

Cash on delivery

You will pay the goods in cash when you receive it from the courier. Caution! In exceptional cases and with special products, we might ask you for the placement of a deposit in advance.

Bank transfer

Once your order has been processed, we will send you a ″deposit slip” via e-mail, usually within four business hours. The deposit slip states the bank account number as well as the variable symbol of the payment. The order will be dispatched as soon as the payment is credited to our company account.


PayPal is an internet-based payment system. It allows money transfers between accounts identified by email addresses. The order will be dispatched as soon as the payment is credited to our company account.

On-line payment by card

To use this option, you need to have a valid VISA, Maestro or MasterCard payment card with Internet transactions enabled. The payment is absolutely secure; we use a protected 3D secure system of GP Webpay. Your order will only be dispatched after your payment has been processed, usually on the next business day.