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Terms of Business

The majority of the business relationships are well defined by law. In some cases, the law grants multiple options: then it is up to the business partners to specify exact rules.

We esteem our customers’ trust - which is why we publish the complete rules that govern our mutual business.

We believe that this frank approach will help our customers when choosing products on our offer, because they can find out at any time - even before placing their order - how they should proceed and how we will proceed, in cases where everything goes as expected and in cases something unexpected happens.

Definition of terms:

  • Entrepreneur - anyone who carries out a profit-making activity autonomously and at their own expense and risk, in a trade-based or analogous way, with the intent to do so systematically in order to attain a profit, is considered an entrepreneur with relation to such activity. For the purposes of consumer protection and for the purposes of Section 1963 of the Civil Code, the term entrepreneur additionally covers anyone who makes agreements associated with their own business, manufacturing or similar activity or as part of autonomous execution of their occupation, or any person acting on an entrepreneur’s behalf or at their expense. A person registered in the Commercial Register is considered an entrepreneur. The assumption is that an entrepreneur is a person possessing a trade or other licence for their business pursuant to law.
  • Consumer - any person who makes an agreement with an entrepreneur or deals with one otherwise outside their business activity or outside autonomous execution of their occupation.
  • Seller - unitechnic.cz s.r.o., U Vysočanského pivovaru 701/3, 190 00 Praha 9, Company ID 27425134, VAT ID CZ27425134
  • General Terms and Conditions - Rules that may specify a part of the content of a purchase agreement made with a purchasing client.


The legal relationships between the seller and the purchasing entrepreneur are governed by the General Terms and Conditions and, in addition, to the extent not defined by said General Terms and Conditions, by Act no. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter, the ″CC”), as well as any other applicable legal regulations defining relationships between the seller and the purchasing entrepreneur (purchasing under their Company ID). A buyer purchasing ″under their Company ID” shall therefore specify their company name and its Company ID when making the purchase agreement (purchase order), and is considered an entrepreneur; the right to consumer protection thus does not apply to them. The legal relationships between the seller and the purchasing consumer are governed by the CC as well as applicable legal regulations on consumer protection. by Act no. 89/2012 Coll., the CC.


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