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Shopping Instructions

Selecting items

You can select goods by browsing the catalogue. Use the top tabs to choose a field, then select a specific category from the menu on the left. As you browse through it, shortcuts for category choices are shown in the middle of the screen for easier orientation. At the same time, you can view other interesting information or related offerings.

You can go straight to the target by searching using a specific string of characters (it is the general rule here that less may be more and a shorter string usually finds your target better). Searching is available throughout your website browsing – simply enter what you are interested in and the system will offer the area in which it has found the search string. If you are searching based on our print catalogue, you can search by article numbers, which are shown for each product: they are unique and the browser will usually offer the right product you are searching for.

You can also select products and navigate through the product range by means of the tree menu, which is shown when you scroll your mouse cursor on the left edge of the screen (or click on the ″hamburger” icon in the left top section of the screen). For those who prefer this way of browsing around the e-shop, there is the option to pin it firmly to the left edge of the screen.

If you are at a loss, contact our phone operators, who will be happy to help you with your purchase.

Putting the goods in the shopping cart

Put the selected goods in your shopping cart. When putting items in the shopping cart, the system will automatically offer products suitable for your purchase; usually, these are accessories. After putting items in your shopping cart, you can continue shopping or complete your purchase order. The shopping cart is accessible at any time in the top right corner of the screen, and you can proceed to completing your purchase order at any time from there.

When putting items in the shopping cart, our information system checks their status and the inserted goods are automatically reserved while you are ordering (the reservation time is limited).

You can change the contents of your shopping cart – add or delete items – at any time and the momentary availability of the goods is always re-checked.

Order submission

To complete your purchase order, go to the shopping cart. The wizard will guide you automatically through all the necessary steps. Using a dialogue window, it will find out whether you have registered or not; in the latter case, it will register you and guide you through the rest of the ordering process. The wizard will automatically choose available shipping methods depending on the weight of your shipment and recommend suitable payment methods. After submission, your purchase order will be automatically entered in our information system and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  Make sure you remember (note down) your username and password – you will not have to enter your data the next time, you will be able to check the status of your purchase order easily and, last but not least, you will speed up the processing of your order on our part.

Further steps – up to the actual delivery of goods – will be taken automatically – under the supervision of our skilled staff. We will inform you on the progress of your order by e-mail.

Of course, you do not have to take advantage of electronic ordering – you also can order your goods by phone or in person.


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