Dowelling Jigs

Are you ready to learn to join furniture boards? Do you need to mend an old cabinet or rework a new one? We will advise you on how to use a cheap jig for making a dowel joint that costs little money and that everyone can master.

Dowelling jigs for edges enable drilling of multiple holes in edges at precisely defined spacing without having to constantly measure, reposition the drill bit and repeatedly check. If you have ever jointed cabinet sides or drawer fronts from parts, you will certainly know what we are talking about. We have tried the Uni-max dowelling jig in our video test. Work with the doweling jig is easy thanks to the side stop, drill depth stop (lockable with a side screw) that ensures accurate drilling depth for all holes, and the set of coloured caps that allow covering up to 50% of drill bushes – for drilling with greater spacing (leaving out bushes). If you just want to replace one drawer front, it is probably better if you borrow them, but if you make your own cabinets or furniture bodies from time to time, you will definitely find them handy and fun to work with.