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What are cookies?

Cookies are data files required for some website functions, such as logging into a user account. Cookies also allow websites to remember various settings you chose in order to view the website (such as language, prices with VAT and more). Cookies are in no way harmful to your device. On the contrary, they make browsing easier and help websites to load faster.

Aside from that, they help us obtain anonymous analytical data that may provide a better understanding of how customers use our website. Based on this data, we, then, improve our website to make the orientation easier for our users.

This website uses the following cookies:

  • Technical cookiesare necessary for providing the website''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s basic functions, such as saving the selected language version, showing prices with or without VAT, etc.
  • We use Google Analytics to better adapt the website to your needs. The tool collects anonymous statistical data, such as the number and value of orders, most commonly visited pages, popularity of products, number of e-shop visitors and more
  • Marketing cookies, from third parties,allow ad spaces from partner websites  to display ads that are more likely to be more relevant to your needs and fields of interest. Not enabling said cookies to be saved will not prevent ads from being displayed. The ads will simply not be personalised (tailored to you) and may be random to a certain extent. For example, handymen may see ads for women''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s cosmetics while ladies will see an add for a pneumatic wrench. Marketing cookies are also used to personalise e-mail newsletters.
  • Cookies are never used to collect sensitive personal data.

How can I control or prevent cookies from being saved?

All cookies previously saved on your device can be deleted. Some browsers offer the option to block cookies from being saved. In that case, however, you can lose all your user settings. More detailed information about storing cookies on your device, for the most commonly used browsers, can be found here:

More information on how to work with cookies in less common browsers can be found at AboutCookies.org.

You can easily accept or decline the use of cookies in our e-shop.


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