Car Wheel Jack VPJ01

When jacks are used under all wheels, you can rotate the car even in the smallest of areas. Simple positioning under the vehicle.

Part no.: VPJ01
In Stock 6 and more
Part no.: VPJ01
In Stock 6 and more
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Product description

Special-purpose mechanical car jack. The jack/release modes are toggled with a setting pin; movement induced with a foot lever. The lifted vehicle can be moved in all directions with ease (when 4 jacks are used); this is very useful at confined areas, e.g. exhibition grounds, workshop, etc. The jack can be very useful in tuned cars as the vehicle is lifted by the wheel, not by the bodywork as the jacking points are often difficult to reach with those aftermarket car body modifications. Once the initial lift has been completed, there are no obstacles in the application of the standard jack or support stands. Moving wheel base 475 mm, width of support cylinders 245 mm, radius of support cylinders 70 mm, gauge of support cylinders min. 330 mm, max. 660 mm. Chassis has steel wheels. Lifting capacity 450 kg per unit (a set of 4 jacks = max. 1,800 kg). Package size 570 × 550 × 150 mm.


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Weight:23 kg

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