Bodywork handling holder

Part no.: SX1304
In Stock 6 and more
Part no.: SX1304
In Stock 6 and more
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Product description

Travelling rotary bodywork holder suitable for both car tinsmith jobs and car painting jobs. Allows partial lifting, turning and arresting of the bodywork in virtually any position.Its 4 large and 2 small arrestable wheels ensure easy handling and perfect stability. Travel height: 1,000 mm; bodywork clamping flange height: 440 – 1,500 mm; overall length: 2,300 – 4,600 mm; load capacity: 900 kg.


Weight:170 kg
Clearance height (A): 165 mm
Control lever length (H): 100 mm
Overall chassis width (I): 1,215 + bases = 1,935 mm
Chassis wheel diameter (J): 4 × 260 and 2 × 130 mm

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