ARVA K Cleaner – 4-litre canister

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Part no.: ArvaK
In Stock 6 and more
Part no.: ArvaK
In Stock 6 and more
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Product description

Unrinsed degreaser for cold cleaning of metal materials and paint coated surfaces on machinery and repairs. Appearance and characteristics: colourless to yellowish liquid, mixture of hydrocarbon solvents with additives. The cleaner is suitable for use in environmentally friendly washing tables. Applied by immersion, pouring, spraying or brushing. Exposure time depends on the level and type of contamination (usually 5 – 20 min). After immersion degreasing, let the object dry freely (about 10 min). If using brushing or spraying (preferable in two stages), wiping the treated surface afterwards is recommendable – e.g. with a clean cloth. Impurities dissolved in the wash liquid (both ARVA K and VELSOL) settle on the bottom – so the liquids are NOT suitable for washing tables that take in liquid from the bottom (contaminated liquid would be taken in). The treated surface is 100% degreased and dry, as well as coated with a thin water repellent film that repels atmospheric moisture – so unlike with other cleaners, the surface is immune to rust. However, water-born paints do not have their optimum adhesion capacity in this case – consult our sales personnel for other preparations such as VELSOL, which does not leave the water repellent film (but has approximately 20% longer curing time). Recommended dilution: the cleaner is used in its original condition, undiluted. Method of disposal: the product is to be disposed of in industrial waste incineration plants. We will give you detail information about the disposal procedure upon delivery.


Free from chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromates.


Weight:3,6 kg

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