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Bit set, 113 pieces.

Contains 13 extended bits 90 mm long: PHILLIPS 2 (3 pcs), POZI 2 (3 pcs) and TX STAR T10, T15, T20 (3 pcs), T25 and T30. Besides, 98 bits 25 mm long: PHILLIPS 1, 2 and 3 (7 each), POZI 1, 2 and 3 (7...

28.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: BAK0089Availability: In Stock

Set of box/open-ended ratchet wrenches, 12 pieces

Set of wrenches with box (ratchet) and open ends. Made of high-grade CrV steel, contains wrenches sized 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17 – 18 – 19 mm with a 72-tooth ratchet. Comes in a...

72.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: GCK11012Availability: In Stock

TUBE36 LED Inspection lamp

This inspection lamp has 36 LEDs ø 3 mm, a switch at the back, a magnet and a loop. Luminous intensity: 14,000 mCd, power supply: 4 × AAA, material: ABS, rubber-coated grip.

14.60 ex. VATnew
Part no.: SD21Availability: In Stock

TPA Torque multiplier

Facilitates releasing of firmly tightened bolted joints. Maximum torque exerted: 1000 Nm; multiplying ratio 1 : 3.3; 1/2" square, set contains 6 pieces; well arranged in a plastic carry case.

138.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 4604NEWAvailability: In Stock

Digital torque and angle adapter 1/2"

Designed for measuring torque with reading indication on a display, allows light and acoustic signalling of max. setting. Also enables measurement of tightening angle between 5 and 360°. Battery...

68.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 200TAAvailability: In Stock

LADY Tool Kit 39 Pcs

This pink tool kit in an elegant case will please every woman... Includes: 300 g hammer; 160 mm combination pliers; 1/4" heads: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13 and 14 mm; 1/4" ratchet; extender 1/4" × 50 mm;...

20.00 ex. VATlogonew
Part no.: 6596Availability: In Stock

3B Tool cabinet

A resilient steel cabinet for systematic storage of spindle tools in plastic racks in three slanted (25°) shelves. Made of 0.7 mm steel sheet, galvanised and grey painted, doors are...

340.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: THD3BAvailability: In Stock

Inspection kit, 4 pieces

Contains telescopic articulated mirror ø 50 mm, telescopic magnetic articulated puller for up to 3.5 kg, replaceable magnetic pullers for up to 2.2 and 3.5 kg, non-articulated. Overall length...

7.20 ex. VATnew
Part no.: PU31Availability: In Stock

Mobile table for CNC tools

Suitable for systematic storage of shanked CNC tools. Contains a 4-compartment shelf for attachment of ABS racks, 1 drawer and a side shelf with a lip. Has a handle, 2 fixed and 2 tilting castors for...

280.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: NTW4B1DAvailability: In Stock

Plastic box system

The storage system can be made up of any number of plastic boxes 380 × 380 × 260 mm, joined using plastic connectors at the front and back. Each box has a capacity of 20 kg; made of PP, can be...

9.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 2638XAvailability: In Stock

1F Tool rack

Open one-sided A-shaped rack for systematic storage of spindle tools for machine tools. Contains 56 ABS plastic racks BT-40 (74 × 137 × 63 mm), tapered holes 46/30 mm on 8 shelves with a capacity of...

280.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: TW1FAvailability: In Stock

Motor snow blower, 4.8 kW

The ideal help for clearing off snow. Two-stage blower with a working width of 620 mm, working height of 520 mm, and turbine diameter of 315 mm. Features a 4-stroke 196 cm² petrol engine, power...

369.60 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 6562Availability: In Stock

Ratchet screwdriver with a bit magazine

9 types of screwdriver bits in 1 case. The rotary magazine with semi-automated loading exchange contains 5 bits (Phillips 1, 2 and 3; slotted 4 and 6 mm), a magnetic adapter, and 4 bits in the grip...

8.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: SD07RS01Availability: In Stock

10-tonne wood splitter

High-grade wood splitter of a robust design with a splitting force of 10 tonnes will handle logs of harder wood as well; has large travel wheels and a transport handle for easy manoeuvring. Power...

540.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: LV1010Availability: In Stock

FPC 10 Column hydraulic press

The revolutionary open-frame design allows the use of the press for jobs that would be impossible with a closed-frame system due to the size or shape of the pressed component. Robust design, manual...

200.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: SD0810Availability: In Stock

DG20SP Inverter generator

This digital petrol generator with exceptionally quiet running and low consumption is the ideal source of electricity for holiday homes, caravans, boats, expeditions, as well as a back-up source...

693.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 8896217Availability: In Stock

ARVA autocleaner, non-rinse 25 l

Efficient product for cold non-rinse degreasing and cleaning of metallic materials and painted surfaces. Protects surfaces from corrosion, contains zero chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons,...

56.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 43620025Availability: In Stock

Handheld circular saw 1200 W

The saw design enables precision cutting by sinking the wheel in the material. Slitting wheel diameter: 160 mm, cutting depth: 55 mm/90°, or 41 mm/45°, motor: 230 V/50 Hz/1 200 W, idle speed: 5500...

116.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 600150Availability: In Stock

Plastic engine part rack

A storage rack for removed engine parts such as the cam shaft, pistons, valves, bolts, etc.; perfect companion for every workshop; all in one place; prevents part damage during engine repair....

34.40 ex. VATnew
Part no.: WH4045MAvailability: In Stock

Tower riveting pincers, short, 320 mm

Designed for positioning of pop rivets made of copper, aluminium, steel and stainless steel with body diameters of 2.4, 3.2, 4.0, 4.8 and 6.4 mm. The pincer length of 320 mm enables work even is less...

22.00 ex. VATlogonew
Part no.: 8813755Availability: In Stock

SPS450 Deep borehole pump

Submersible spindle pump, designed for pumping clear water without mechanical dirt out of boreholes, shafts, wells and reservoirs. One-phase 230 V/50 Hz/ 370 W motor with controls and other...

114.00 ex. VATlogonew
Part no.: 8895011Availability: In Stock

1WD-40 Versatile lubricant

Instantly effective, quick-penetrating lubricant and preservative, used as protection from moisture, oxidation and salt mist. Suitable for preservation of firearms, hunting equipment, blocked and...

4.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: S801WDAvailability: In Stock

600 Tile cutter

High-grade cutter for tiles up to 16 mm thick with an adjustable ruler for angular cuts, fitted with encased ball bearings. Worktop dimensions: 810 × 200 × 25 mm, max. cutting length: 600 mm,...

68.00 ex. VATlogonew
Part no.: 8841052Availability: In Stock

Guide profile for a rotary saw

Suitable accessory for the manual rotary saw, part no. 600150. Used for accurate machine guiding for longer cuts. Made of aluminium profile, dimensions 1400 × 190 mm.

40.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 610040Availability: In Stock

SPS4120 Deep borehole pump

Submersible spindle pump, designed for pumping clear water without mechanical dirt out of boreholes, shafts, wells and reservoirs. One-phase 230 V/50 Hz/ 1,100 W motor with controls and other...

166.00 ex. VATlogonew
Part no.: 8895012Availability: In Stock

SPS380 Deep borehole pump

Submersible spindle pump, designed for pumping clear water without mechanical dirt out of boreholes, shafts, wells and reservoirs. One-phase 230 V/50 Hz/ 750 W motor with controls and other...

147.00 ex. VATlogonew
Part no.: 8895010Availability: In Stock

Instant glue, 3 g

Designed for contact bonding of hard PVC, rubber, metal, glass, APTK–EPDM glazing profiles and combinations of these materials. Very high tensile strength of joints (250 kg/cm²), resistant to...

0.40 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 50700RLAvailability: In Stock

Plastic bag for FM470 Exhauster.

Spare plastic bag, length 1000 m, diameter 500 mm, designed for FM470 exhauster.

3.20 ex. VATnew
Part no.: FM470PBAvailability: In Stock


Cleaning antifreeze fluid for windshield washers with frost resistance to -20°C. Protects equipment from corrosion, prevents light, thermal and mechanical wear of rubber parts, does not damage paint...

2.40 ex. VAT
2.16 ex. VAT
Part no.: 14020003Availability: In Stock
BARGAIN PRICE – take advantage of this product`s price temporarily lowered from 2.40. You save 0.24. Promotion is only valid for orders made via the e-shop. Not available for orders made by mail or phone Campaign valid until 26.10.2014.DISCOUNT

Arktvel Glass defroster

Removes frost, snow, dirt and grease off car windows and provides perfect view. Comprises a mixture of alcohols, glycols, corrosion inhibitor, surfactants and wetting agents, does not damage window...

2.20 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 1120500Availability: In Stock

Metal-halogenide floodlight 150 W AS

A floodlight with high performance, suitable for lighting industrial areas, sports grounds, exterior billboards and building facade illumination. Asymmetric design, protection: IP65, RX7s base,...

47.20 ex. VATnew
Part no.: MHD15ACHAvailability: In Stock

Collapsible stepladder, 180 cm

Takes up minimal space thanks to maximal collapsibility. Dimensions in the collapsed state only 188 × 10.5 × 8.5 cm; extended 180 × 133 × 45 cm. Load-carrying capacity: 150 kg, 5 rungs 30 cm apart,...

94.00 ex. VATlogonew
Part no.: 8849020Availability: In Stock
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Manual Plane 28 mm
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