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Mobile Worktable K

A travelling table with lots of storage space, particularly useful for installation, repair and DIY work. A robust painted metal frame on 4 wheels has a tilting divided top with a lock (2 keys), an...

283.30 ex. VATnew
Part no.: K161Availability: In Stock

Mobile tool chest PRO

It has a handgrip and 2 castors with rubber hoops for easy manoeuvring. The box contains a removable top lid with a recessed folding handgrip and 3 compartments for small jointing materials, and a...

38.60 ex. VATnew
Part no.: MJ3056245Availability: In Stock

Transport Box 400 × 300 × 174 mm

A blue transport and storage box; internal dimensions: 365 × 265 × 170 mm.

7.30 ex. VATnew
Part no.: B4316NAvailability: In Stock

Eye Bolt Set, 73 pcs

Contains closed, non-welded eyes made of galvanised steel with a metric thread and a nut. Eye dimensions: 5 × 64 mm (20 pcs), 6 × 53 mm (15 pcs), 6 × 64 mm (14 pcs), 6 × 76 mm (12 pcs), 8 × 82 mm (8...

11.90 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 32161Availability: In Stock


A solid bag with our logo, made of black non-woven fabric, dimensions 400 × 370 × 100 mm, also suitable for carrying on the shoulder.

1.70 ex. VATnew
Part no.: BAG1Availability: In Stock

Acrylic arc stencils

Set of 3 transparent stencils for fast and accurate rounding of corners using a router. The arc radius is from 1/8" to 1", stepped at 1/8". The set contains 4 guiding rest pins, inserted in holes in...

27.70 ex. VATnew
Part no.: ROR1Availability: In Stock

Sanding Gun for SBC420

Spare gun for Sanding Cabin SBC420.

61.40 ex. VATnew
Part no.: SBC420GIAvailability: In Stock

Cable Clip Set, 390 pcs

Contains white and black PP cable clips with 1 fastening nail each. Designed for cable diameters of 4 mm (2 × 70 pcs), 5 mm (2 × 50 pcs), 6 mm (2 × 36 pcs), 8 mm (2 × 20 pcs), 10 mm (2 × 12 pcs) and...

10.10 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 61040Availability: In Stock

Bit set, 114 pieces.

The set contains bits sized PZ1, PZ2, PZ3, PH0, PH1, PH2, SL4, SL5, SL6, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, T10, T20, T25 and T30, 6 of each in each size, as well as 6 magnetic bit holders. Comes in a partitioned...

11.20 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 31271Availability: In Stock

Sanding Gun for SBC220

Spare gun for Sanding Cabin SBC220.

42.90 ex. VATnew
Part no.: SBC220GIAvailability: In Stock

Hydraulic ramp platform 900 kg NEW

Convenient ramp platform with a load capacity of 900 kg (pair) for one axle. The entry angle and height are very low thanks to the hydraulic design. Mechanical locking in maximum lift, two-way...

334.80 ex. VATnew
Part no.: SX2205AAvailability: In Stock

Metal Sleeve Set, 18 pcs

Contains steel galvanised sleeves with a screw fastening hole and a protected inner side with rubber-coated edges. Inner dimensions: 5/16" (4 pcs), 3/8" (2 pcs), 1/4" (8 pcs), 1/2" (2 pcs) and 5/8"...

6.30 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 31860Availability: In Stock

Acrylic centring stencil

Transparent acrylic stencil for past and accurate longitudinal marking of centre on battens and beams. Can be used for longitudinal grooving and hollowing when connected with the router base. The...

21.50 ex. VAT
13.96 ex. VAT
Part no.: MCA1Availability: In Stock
BARGAIN PRICE – take advantage of this product`s price temporarily lowered from 21.50. You save 7.54. Promotion is only valid for orders made via the e-shop. Not available for orders made by mail or phone Campaign valid until 2.8.2015.DISCOUNT

PINK tool bag

Tool bag made of lightweight ground leather can be mounted on belt; reinforced with leather the corners and riveted for extra strength. The bag has 1 large, 2 medium and 6 small pockets for smaller...

11.60 ex. VATnew
Part no.: LNB19PAvailability: In Stock

Extension and Compression Spring Set, 200 pcs

Contains galvanised extension springs with lugs sized 5 × 20.5 mm (10 pcs), 5.5 × 25.5 mm (10 pcs), 6.5 × 22 mm (10 pcs), 8.5 × 47 mm (12 pcs), 7 × 51 (12 pcs), 7 × 38 mm (10 pcs), 8.5 × 36.5 mm (10...

12.70 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 31071Availability: In Stock

Wall Plug Set, 160 pcs

Contains plastic PE wall plugs sized 6 mm (70 pcs), 8 mm (80 pcs), 10 mm (10 pcs) and 3 cemented carbide drill bits 6, 8 and 10 mm for drilling in masonry and concrete. Comes in a plastic case.

3.70 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 61061Availability: In Stock

7.2 V Battery Screwdriver

Small, lightweight screwdriver with max. tightening torque 10 Nm, has a clamping head for hexagonal drill bits and other tools, electronic speed control, L/R rotation, spindle lock, quick-acting...

38.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: CD72LIAvailability: In Stock

PCL10 Cross Laser Set

The device is suitable for detecting and checking horizontal and vertical lines and designed for interior use. It comes with a tripod with a 1/4" thread, providing a stable, height-adjustable...

97.70 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 6038121Availability: In Stock

Hand-Held Circular Saw MINI 85

This small circular saw is designed for cutting wood, metal, ceramic tiling and similar materials. It is powered with a motor 230V/50 Hz/500 W, idle speed 5500 rpm, saw disc 85 × 10 mm, cutting depth...

103.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: MCS500Availability: In Stock

ARVA autocleaner, non-rinse 20 l

Efficient product for cold non-rinse degreasing and cleaning of metallic materials and painted surfaces. Protects surfaces from corrosion, contains zero chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons,...

51.50 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 43620020Availability: In Stock

Air Filter NGF 3/4"

A new generation filter for perfect, safe and economic quality of compressed air. Comes with an analogue differential pressure indicator, informing about the current status of the filter element. The...

232.90 ex. VATnew
Part no.: F06BPFAvailability: In Stock

MINI 85 Guide Bar

Suitable for accurate cut guidance using the MINI 85 hand-held circular saw. Overall length 1,260 mm.

38.60 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 600262Availability: In Stock

Electric Impact Wrench 500 Nm

The impact wrench is designed for tightening and loosening of threaded joints, e.g., when repairing cars, working on steel structures, etc. The impact mechanism boosts the engine force effect when...

98.70 ex. VATlogonew
Part no.: 8890603Availability: In Stock

LED 4000K Utility Light

Energy-saving light suitable for working in poorly illuminated areas, when repairing vehicles, machines, etc. Comes with a hanging hook; dimensions: 34 × 34 × 450 mm, material: ABS, power supply: 230...

9.70 ex. VATnew
Part no.: PN5431Availability: In Stock

Extra strong moist cleaning towels

Extra strong, suitable for effective removal of uncured PUR foam, silicone, sealants, most glues, oils, lubricants, paints and lacquers off hands, tools and stained surfaces. Perfect for the...

9.50 ex. VATnew
Part no.: B9012Availability: In Stock

Spiral PU hose 20 m

Spiral pressure hose, blue colour, made of polyurethane, diameter 12/8 mm, fitted with metal spirals and standard ES-DN7.2 quick-couplers. Total length: 20 m, working length: 14 m; max. operating...

58.00 ex. VATnew
Part no.: SPUT1220Availability: In Stock

LED 10 W Ceiling-mount neutral light

Circular energy-saving light fixture, fastened to the ceiling or wall with 3 screws and wall plugs. Has a metal base 230 mm in diameter, plastic PC cover 260 mm, and total height of 85 mm. Operating...

15.50 ex. VATnew
Part no.: LM3131Availability: In Stock

LED 20 W Ceiling-mount neutral light

Circular energy-saving light fixture, fastened to the ceiling or wall with 3 screws and wall plugs. Has a metal base 350 mm in diameter, plastic PC cover 380 mm, and total height of 110 mm. Operating...

21.50 ex. VATnew
Part no.: LM3133Availability: In Stock

Paper Cleaning Towels

For simple but effective cleaning of window and door panes, wiping of excess silicone and PUR foam after application, and wiping hands dry. Leaves no traces, smudges or hairs on glossy surfaces. The...

5.80 ex. VATnew
Part no.: B901Availability: In Stock

Diamond saw disc 85 × 10

Spare diamond saw disc for the MINI 85 handheld circular saw. Designed for cutting ceramic tiles, dimensions 85 × 10 mm. Packed in a blister.

12.90 ex. VATnew
Part no.: 600265Availability: In Stock

Spiral PU hose 7.5 m

Spiral pressure hose, blue colour, made of polyurethane, diameter 12/8 mm, fitted with metal spirals and standard ES-DN7.2 quick-couplers. Total length: 7.5 m, working length: 4.5 m; max. operating...

35.90 ex. VATnew
Part no.: SPUT1275Availability: In Stock

MAT75 Circular Light

Wall or ceiling-mounted dome light with a plastic base and a matte white polycarbonate cover, suitable for illuminating hallways, sanitary facilities, advertisements, directions etc. E27 base, IP44...

11.90 ex. VATnew
Part no.: KGM75BAvailability: In Stock
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120 × 1,200 mm F Cramp

120 × 1,200 mm F Cramp
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Tyre Pump with Pressure Gauge

Tyre Pump with Pressure Gauge
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BS75 Belt sander

BS75 Belt sander
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